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​ The British made a rating of the eco-capital of the world

Recently, the world health organization (WHO) introduced the report about the premature deaths of the population due to environmental pollution. After analysing this report, the journalists of the Telegraph decided to make two lists, each with 10 cities, most polluted and most environmentally friendly.

The report notes that air pollution today is much more serious problem than it might seem at first sight. Comparing the environmental situation relevant for today terminal illnesses — HIV and Ebola, the medical professions came to the conclusion that from air pollution die more people. For example, in the UK die prematurely from the toxic air of about 40 thousand people per year. 

According to WHO, "dirty" capitals, on the cusp of environmental disaster, head of er-Riard (Saudi Arabia), new Delhi (India), Doha (Qatar). The most environmentally friendly capitals are:

1. Stockholm (Sweden);

2. Wellington (New Zealand);

3. Canberra (Australia);

4. Ottawa (Canada);

5. Edinburgh (Scotland);

6. Montevideo (Uruguay);    

7. Tallinn (Estonia);

8. Helsinki (Finland);

9. Monaco;

10. Madrid (Spain). 

It is specified that these cities appeared in the list of eco-friendly capitals in the world for a reason. Сountry's leadership is working hard to reduce the amount of harmful emissions and, thus, to minimize the environmental pollution. This is done by using of ecological transport (bicycles) and transport infrastructure (reducing the number of cars on the road), and also by reducing carbon emissions — Stockholm by now achieved a 25% reduction of emission in comparison with the figure from 1990-ies.

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