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The house in 38 m2 fully printed on a 3D printer in just a day


Apis Cor the Russian company engaged in the manufacture and construction of 3D printers, announces the successful completion of a project to complete "print" houses. It took 24 hours for 3D printer handled the printing of all self-supporting walls and partitions - this is Russia's first house, which was completely manufactured with a 3D printer, and is not assembled from separate printed panels, says Domaza.

Those who like innovation will also appreciate the price of the project - it took only $10,000 for the manufacture of the house, what seems even more profitable than construction using classical technologies. The house is built from fibre-reinforced concrete.

The company claims that it is not the best and only achievement of a machine with the weight up to 2.5 tonnes. According to the specifications of the device, when functioning introduction the printer can print up to 100 square meters of residential real estate per day.

The house is located in the Moscow suburb of Stupino. In addition, the pilot project involved development company PIK.

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